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Block Management Made Simple

We can provide a solution that meets your needs whether you are a freeholder, residential management company, or have the right to manage. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure the development runs well, and we take care of the intricate regulatory and legal responsibilities that come with managing a complex of flats. We are aware that communication is essential and plays a crucial part in meeting the needs of the building because every building is unique. We collaborate closely with landlords and tenants to offer a management package that may or may not include the following services:

  • Regular site inspections

  • Calculating, billing for, and collecting service fees and ground rent 

  • Service charge budgets are created, prepared, and implemented.

  • Offer a complete accounting solution and communicate with outside accountants 

  • Monitor maintenance agreements to ensure adherence

  • Set up contracts for cleaning, upkeep, and gardening.

  • Make sure statutory requirements and lease covenants are up to date

  • Enquiries about the sale and acquisition of any leasehold properties should be discussed with solicitors.

  • Assist in obtaining approval for modifications, subletting, or maintaining pets

  • Organise frequent board meetings and publish newsletters.

  • Keep the required records up to date

  • Keep statutory records. 

  • Provide suggested written resolutions to members and shareholders.

  • Create and distribute certificates for shares or membership.

Have a block that needs managing?

If you have a block that needs managing, or you are a developer looking for an agent before a block is complete. Contact Gateway Property Hub and find out about our comprehensive block management service.

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