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3 Steps To Get Rid of Mice and Rats in Your House

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

MICE !!!

Mice are in most properties, nobody likes them and they won’t disappear by themselves.

Follow these Steps to take control. Ultimately it is up to the tenants and occupants to continuously take steps to prevent, detect and eradicate mice otherwise it will get out of hand. Your mortgage company or Letting Agent can't do it for you.

1. IDENTIFY The SIGNS OF MOUSE INFESTATION ☐ If it’s rice, it’s mice”, mouse droppings are the size of a grain of rice. ☐ Look for gnawed holes, the size of a ballpoint pen or bigger ☐ Mice leave smearing, greasy marks along skirting boards and around holes. ☐ Squeaking and scraping sounds that stop when you make a noise ☐ Leave a biscuit out: if it’s gnawed, it’s mice; if it’s gone, it’s rats.

☐ Check and clean regularly under, behind and on top of kitchen units to check for droppings. ☐ There is never just one mouse. So get rid of the adults before they multiply.

2: HOW TO GET RID OF ALL THE MICE IN YOUR HOME: Get Traps, Bait (poison), and Electronic devices. (Look online for Pet and child safe versions)

Use all 3 methods continuously to avoid mice

Step 1. Buy 3 -5 plastic traps (see links) ☐ Wear gloves when setting traps to avoid mice picking up human scent as this warns them not to not go near it. ☐ Place 2 or 3 traps under kitchen units, in the loft, under the bath (all the dark places) ☐ Put peanut butter on and then set the trap (not the other way around) ☐ Empty dead mice out of mouse traps hourly and then daily and set the trap again with peanut butter

☐ Listen out for that trap going off and don't leave dead mice as they will start stinking

(humane traps are available if you don't want to kill the mice or rats).

Step 2. Buy Mouse poison bait & stations (see link for poison bait and boxes)

Wear gloves to protect yourself and avoid human scent warning the mice

☐ Throw several sachets of poison into your loft and under floor boards/kitchen units (away from kids and pets)

☐ Place bait boxes under kitchen cupboards or in corners near the bin. ☐ Check & Refill mouse bait stations weekly. ☐ If the bait isn’t eaten then moving the bait boxes to another position

Step 3. Buy electronic pest plugins ☐ Have at least 2 electronic pest deterrents plugged in. It will help with all sorts of pests ☐ Seal up all visible mouse holes with a non-edible sealant like cement, copper wire, steel wool. (Mice eat silicone &plastic)

3: DEPRIVE MICE OF THEIR FOOD SOURCE ☐ Keep all food like pasta, rice, flour, bread, and nuts/seeds in sealed containers. ☐ Seal/clean gaps where crumbs fall and store away food ☐ Take out the rubbish every day

☐ Don't leave pet food out all day and night ☐ Check and Clean under kitchen cupboards and behind appliances and check for fresh droppings


☐ Check your home for holes from the outside

☐ Observe if mice perhaps get access via drain pipes or down pipes or creepers/trees. ☐ Keep doors and windows closed so rodents can't just stroll in (pet owners especially) ☐ Seal gaps around pipes with steel wool or copper mesh or expanding foam

☐ Protect access via ventilation grilles with wire mesh ☐ Observe new holes being chewed and report any holes in your walls to your Letting agent using the correct reporting method so structural repairs can be arranged.

Unauthorised costs will not be reimbursed so please get written permission first from your Landlord, Tenancy Manager OR Letting Manager before calling out pest control otherwise it will be at your own cost.

The council has excellent pest control services which tenants can book and pay for and this is much cheaper than private pest control companies. (Your landlord or letting agent cannot book this for you as only you know your availability and you need to be home to let the pest control in)


Here as some Amazon links to get yourself ready to protect yourself

We earn an affiliate commission from purchases made from the links on this website


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