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The best small bedroom bed ideas

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Working from home and home-schooling has made many of us reconsider the function of a few rooms in our homes. And small bedrooms have probably been cursed and worried about the most!

Choosing the right type and size of bed will allow you to make the best use of space under the bed and keep the room clutter-free. Sometimes it feels like a total waste of space if the bed takes up the whole room, just for a few hours of use. Wouldn't it be great if there was more space for storage and other items like a desk?

We recommend buying a bed that allows for under-the-bed storage space. This is an easy way to keep items out of sight and keep your bedroom floors clean which creates a sense of more space. And perhaps there is even space for that desk or bookshelf.

Here are some ideas for storage beds.

  1. Beds with drawers underneath. Similar to Ikea’s great daybed with 3 drawers underneath for extra storage space. This is where you can hide away all sorts of things like toys, books, or bedding. Some preassembled ones are available.

  2. Divan beds with end or side drawers. These don’t make use of the total space under the bed but look neat, are quite affordable and come in all sizes.

  3. Ottoman beds. These attractive beds with hidden storage accessible when you lift up the on an amazing piston system and you can use the whole area under the mattress. They come with a side or end lifting mechanism. The side lifter is particularly handy if you have to put the bed along the wall or a window.

  4. Basic metal frames or wooden bed frames with space under the bed for open, wheeled, or sealable storage boxes of your choice. There are many choices and a variety of types but measure the clearance under the bed before you order. This is a great place to store shoes, jumpers' and blankets. You can easily hide these storage boxes with a simple modern square box pleated bed skirt. .

  5. Bookcase headboards. Another great bed frame to keep your small room organized is to choose one with a bookcase headboard. This is a popular choice to store books, an alarm clock, and other bedside essentials if your bedroom does not have space for a nightstand or bedside table. Or get a detached shelf or bedside storage to hook onto your bedframe

  6. Double bunk beds with bed/desk/seating under a raised sleeping area are ideal for kids' rooms or studios. These come available as double or as single beds but watch out for pendant light or rooms with low ceilings.

Mattresses: Don’t choose a super thick mattress but rather a low-profile mattress to make the room look more spacious. There are a wide variety of mattresses. Sprung, memory foam, foam, or combo/hybrid. Most people prefer the combo or hybrid for comfort. But memory foam and foam mattresses are more easily transportable and can be bent to cram them into the boot of a car or to get them up narrow stairs while some coil sprung mattresses might get damaged if you bend or fold them.

Always put a mattress protector on to extend the life of your mattress and for easy cleaning. The quilted ones are affordable, comfortable, absorb sweat, and are easily washed in the washing machine. Get fitted sheets to keep things tidy.

Choose a smaller lower bed if possible and avoid a very tall headboard, unless it has another purpose like a bookshelf, to give the idea of space. The more walls space and floor space you see the more spacious it will look. Minimalistic is the trick.

To save space try a 2.6 ft bed instead of a 3ft or a small double (4ft) bed instead of a double (4ft 6)

Hopefully, with a neater bed and items stored out of the way, there will be more floor space for a desk or chest of drawers in the room. But we will leave that for another time.

Good luck moving things around to make more space!

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