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The best ways to FIGHT mould

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Mould is the bane of our lives in the UK.

Q: What causes it?

Answer: Condensation! Those little droplets in the air come to rest on colder surface s and start breeding all sorts.

What causes condensation?

1. Too much breathing, but we all must breathe.

2. Too much cooking, but we all must eat.

3. Too much showering, but we all want to be clean.

4 Too much drying of washing in the property, but we don't all have gardens or sunshine.

When warm moist air gets in contact with cold walls, it condenses into water and in there grows the mould, mildew, algae, and moss.

How do we prevent it:

1. Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate! Open the windows daily for a few minutes to flush the humid air and stale breath out.

2. Put the bathroom extractor and cooker hood on and open windows after showering and cooking

3. Put the heating on (after closing the windows). Every bit of heat will help dry things up.

4. Mop up all moisture from bathroom floors and around windows every day (and dry the cloths outside) 5. Spray with bleach or mould killer weekly. Flash with Bleach is my favourite but anything that kills or prevents mould is good. Spray especially around the bath/shower and windows.

6. Dehumidify by buying a Dehumidifier and even put those small desiccator boxes in wardrobes.

7. Buy a condensing tumble drier. (From around £200) Every parent's dream!

8. Hang the washing outside or on a heated drier rack/horse (not on the radiators as then they rust!)

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