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Fridge not working? The clock is ticking!

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

And the food is slowly but surely getting warmer, and you see money going down the drain.

Your family can't eat all the food fast enough or worse even is that turkey that you bought for a bargain for Christmas will not be eaten at all.

If your fridge freezer is leaking water, running constantly or trying to start all the time or making a noise, you may think is time to get a new one. Or if it's building up frost, you may want to call the appliance repairman. But don't do it until you have tried a few things.


Step 1.

Remove all obstacles and plastic bags from the top and side and from behind the fridge. It needs to be able to breathe. Sometimes that all that is needed but it could be that the damage has already been done and the fridge has overheated due to lack of ventilation and it died. Then you can buy a new Fridge Freezer but make sure it will fit through your front door and up the stairs.

Step 2. Electrics: Is the fridge light coming on when you open the door? Is it switched on at the wall? Perhaps the light bulb has just blown but the fridge is still ok or did your son need a plug to charge his phone and he has unplugged it? Many fridge engineers have been called out just for them to put the plug back on.

Check the plug and the trip switch on the mains. Are the other plugs working or is it perhaps only the fridge socket not working. Get an extension cord and plug the fridge via that into another socket. Can you hear the fridge running?

Step 3. Does it make a weird noise or smoke?

SWITCH IT OFF and start packing your food into a cooler boxes (cool box or icebox) or ask the neighbours or your friends for space or cool boxes for all your food. Wrapping food in newspaper also helps thing stay cool. You might still be able to rescue the fridge if there is some blockage around the fridge (plastic bags) or ice build-up, but weird noises and smoke are never a good sign.

Step 4. Not getting cold anymore or running constantly?

Is your freezer compartment frozen shut after someone left the door ajar or were you too lazy to defrost it?

Now is the time to defrost it!! Put your food in a cooler box or wrap in newspaper.

No self respecting fridge engineer will touch it if its frozen solid.

Switch the freezer off, open the door, remove loose ice and put buckets and trays and towels to catch melting water. Use pots of boiled water and place it on the shelves or use a fan heater and point it to the open freezer. Use a plastic spatula/scrapers to try scrape the ice gently without damaging the elements. A fan heater/ blow dryer will help but be careful of shocks and melting the plastic sides/shelves of fridge. Dry it when all ice is gone and switch it on. Hopefully it will start working again. Call the engineer if it doesn't.

- Spray on fridge de-icer helps as well. Check if the door closes properly after its defrosted as it might work fine now that the door can shut again.

Step 5. Water puddles in fridge or freezes the lettuce or the wine?.

-Check if drain hole in the fridge part is blocked then open it with a wooden skewer or pipe cleaner so the water can drain.

-Is the seal around the door still in one peace? Or is it an integrated fridge and the door doesn't shut properly? -The door must shut properly otherwise the fridge will run all the time and make certain bits too cold.

-Check if its clean behind the fridge. Vacuuming there to remove dust helps.

-Check if the fridge works overtime because the temperature was set too low. Don't let items lean against the back wall of the fridge as it will cause ice build-up.

-Keep the seals clean around the doors, make sure the fridge doors close properly and don't let it frost up.

Step 6. Check if the fridge part of the fridge Freezer works ok if you switch off the freezer part. Sometimes you can salvage half the fridge freezer until you can get a new one.

Hopefully this helps.

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