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Handy PC bits and bobs to make you more productive- The Mouse

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

A mouse that works well can save time and frustration.

Why I wanted a new mouse for my PC this Christmas:

My colleagues, kids and even the IT chap could not easily use my PC as it had My Logitech wired trackball mouse which I had for years.

Originally, I got it to prevent hand pain and it was reasonably priced. It has worked well for many years but recently I started seeing its shortcomings. It didn't have a scroll wheel and moving around the screen was not very fast. When I broke my wrists, it was difficult to work with.

As I need a major PC upgrade in 2022, I thought that getting a new mouse might be a good place to start.

Decisions to make:

A cheap mouse starts at about £3.50 and can still be funky.

(just sort any amazon searches on price so you don't get presented with the most expensive ones first)

Make sure has got a scroll wheel. Decide if you want it to be wired or wireless and fits your device/pc and connector type.

Do you want a ball at the bottom or an optical tracker?

Speed is also important if you want to move across the screen very fast.

And you want extra buttons.

I decided to go back to a normal mouse (not a trackball mouse) with an optical tracker with scroll wheel and a few extra programmable buttons. The basic El cheapo mouse would not do so I started looking at gaming mice which have more performance and a bit more bling like lighting up like an alien spacecraft. But I wasn't prepared to pay over £40.

I had an old Razor gaming mouse for my work PC many years ago and it was the best as it lasted for years.

I looked at Logitech and some other brands as I didn't want to take a chance with an unknown brand with similar price in mid £20s.

After a lot of research and looking at the reviews I decided to go for the Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse because it has 8 programable buttons of which 2 were at the scroll wheel. And it had a good length cord as I didn't want to struggle to get it onto my desk.

And it has:

- Optical sensor with a good tracking speed 20k DPI

- The normal left and right click

- Buttons to go back and forward on the web without having to click on the screen

- And have 6 other buttons for shift and control (Perhaps I will even program one button to share a link or send it by email)

- At a reasonable price

- And any colour light can be chosen which looks cool with a memory for colour chosen

The wireless version was too expensive.

I was scared the Razer DeathAdder v2 Mini Gaming Mouse which was a 5 mm smaller might feel too small. It was a bit cheaper though and with 5 buttons but still the bigger (more ergonomic) than a normal cheap mouse which I still had in the spare cupboard.

I also didn't choose the Razer DeathAdder Essentials as it didn't have the top button next to the scroll wheel.

The Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro - Wireless Gaming Mouse was miles too expensive at £71 (RRP £129) and fell outside my budget ...perhaps one day;)

The Logitech G203 had a few bad reviews which worried me so I didn’t go for a Logitech mouse again.

So, I have chosen the Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

Hope to get it before Xmas and will post here how it looks and works.

The affiliated links to above do give us income if you buy from them.

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